Aaron ("Aaron" is my full, legal name.)
Denver Metro Area, Colorado
name: aaron @ domain: justaaron.com
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Experience in Software QA, Software Development and Technical Writing.

Personal Projects:

My GitHub repositories.
Generator of this very resume.
Website for AboutThisWebsite.
Repository for AboutThisWebsite.
A personal wiki system consisting of nothing but a Makefile that invokes existing Linux utilities. Includes a resource catalog.
An options/args processor, for when banging two coconuts together is good enough.

Professional History:

Terumo BCT, Lakewood, CO
Terumo BCT makes therapeutic blood component and whole blood processing devices.
QA Analyst, 2012–2016
Test centrifugal blood apheresis devices, in cubicle and blood lab environments. Write and run manual test procedures for physical devices. Write and run Python test scripts. Discover, write and investigate issues.
Trima Accel:
Centrifugal Apheresis Blood Donation Device.
Centrifugal Apheresis Blood Therapy Device.
Tools and skills:
Bash; HP ALM, Application Lifecycle Management; Python; Scrum; Team Foundation Server Kanban; TrackWeb issue tracker.
Transydian, Centennial, CO
Status: No longer in business.
Transydian made Number Portability software.
Tech Writer, QA Analyst, 2010–2011
Client documentation services. Write and run shell tests for Transydian products. Provision test data. Run performance tests.
Client documentation services:
Write and maintain client's user, admin, installation and training manuals, and online help.
Product QA:
Set up and tear down simulated provisioning; exercise data injection and retrieval; run performance tests.
Tools and skills:
Bugzilla; CentOS Linux; FrameMaker; MS Office; MySQL; PowerPoint; RoboHelp; Shell.
Selero, Denver, CO
Status: No longer in business.
Selero provided smart order routing software and services.
Contract QA Scout and Software Developer, 2008–2009
Organically accumulate and run tests based on requirements discussions, bug reports, bug hunts. Write utility software, generate software documentation.
Smart Order Routing QA:
Write Perl and Shell scripts to test and verify end to end order integrity in an order routing application; set up simulated books and message queues; inject orders; verify order splits and trades.
Software development:
Write C wrapper code for C++ libraries; contribute to Java to C++ migration by transforming Javadoc to C++ headers; integrate Doxygen document generation into the build; write Doxygen API documentation to ship with the product.
Tools and skills:
Bash; Beautiful Soup; Bugzilla; C; C++; Doxygen; Java; Javadoc; MQ Series; Perl; Python.
Keller Williams Realty, Littleton, CO
Realtor, 2004–2007
Assist clients in residential selling and buying. Market homes for sale. Research homes for purchase. Assist in contract negotiation and closing.
Yang Arts, Littleton, CO
Small family–run Asian gift business.
Co-owner, 2001–2004
Heavy lifting. Light software development. Credit card merchant account management.
Retail web site (gone):
Develop and run the site, and associated shopping cart, on FreeBSD.
Craft fairs and similar events:
Load, drive, put up, tear down, schlep.
Tools and skills:
Perl; FreeBSD; HTML; Money.
Navidec, Greenwood Village, CO
Status: No longer in business.
Navidec developed corporate and government web applications.
Industry: Web development
Software Developer, 2000–2001
Make servlets and beans.
Used fleet sales site.
Colorado state government:
Low income and incarcerated medical insurance site.
Build system.:
Contributed to Perl and Ant build system.
Tools and skills:
Java EE; JDBC; JSP; Ant; Perl.
Status: Company sold, and since rehydrated as JCIT 2.
JCIT developed Demand Flow, a manufacturing line planning and management system.
Software Developer, 1999–2000
Middle tier VC++ Com developer.
Business logic components:
Components in MS VC++, tests in MS Visual Basic.
Tools and skills:
Microsoft COM; Visual C++; Visual Basic.
New Era of Networks, Greenwood Village, CO
Status: Company acquired by Sybase.
NEON developed message oriented middleware for financial applications.
Software Developer, 1996–1999
Software engineering component, configured for C++ development of message formatting/transforming software.
NeoNet Formatter:
Write message formatter components in C++.
Cross platform build system:
Preliminary work on Windows/Unix build system using imake.
Tools and skills:
C++; make; imake; shell.
Clear Communications, Greenwood Village, CO
Status: No longer in business.
Clear built network monitoring, prediction and fault isolation software for Sonet networks.
Software Developer, 1994–1996
write C and C++ components for telecommunication network fault isolation.
C++ components:
Wr fault isolationte network trouble analysis components.
Assist with build and configuration management issues.
Tools and skills:
C++; make; shell.
Boeing builds airplanes.
Industry: Aviation
Software Developer, 1988–1994
Write aircraft system stimulation (test) software; manage an electrical test lab.
Boeing 747-400, 757/767, 777 new program system test.:
write aircraft system stimulation software for the Fuel Quantity Indicating System, to exercise the FQIS computer in various simulated flight scenarios.
Electrical Systems Lab Manager:
Ensure access to and operation of test systems like FQIS and similar.
Tools and skills:
C; Pascal; Basic; HP-IB/IEEE-488 instrumentation control bus; ARINC/429 aircraft system bus.
Lockheed built US Navy ships.
Industry: Shipbuilding
Logistics Analyst, 1982–1984
Prepare technical manuals and maintenance procedures for LSD-41 electrical systems. Prepare failure modes and effects analysis for LSD-41 electrical systems. Prepare analysis records for submission to US Navy.
Technical documentation for new build LSD-41 electrical systems.
Tools and skills:
Pencil, paper, calculator.
US Navy, Bremerton, WA
The US Navy sails US Navy ships.
Industry: Defense.
Interior Communications Electrician First Class (IC1), E-6., 1975–1981
Maintain Interior Communications systems, including: Sound powered and switched telephone systems; Announcement systems; Dead reckoning tracking and plotting systems; Navigation and gunfire control gyrocompass systems. Paint. Chip and grind paint. Paint.
Technical schools, 1976-1977:
Various general and equipment-specific technical schools.
USS Badger, FF-1071, Pearl Harbor, HI, 1977-1980:
Made three Western Pacific deployments. Fixed stuff.
USS Enterprise, CVN-65, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA, 1980-1981:
Assigned during shipyard overhaul. Supervised people who fixed stuff.
Tools and skills:
Electrical and electronic test instruments and tools; Shipboard firefighting and damage control; A snappy salute.
BS Computer Science, University of Washington—Seattle, Washington

I was born in the International Geophysical Year (IGY). They wrote a song about it—the Year, not my birth.